Prices and Policies

Group Classes (teens & adults)


Single class            $20
Package of 10         $150

Children’s Group Class Program
$600 per child for 5 month semester ( paid in full, in advance). Family discount - add a third child (1st cousins included if their parent signs them up), and receive 25% off third child's enrollment.  
Private Lessons - Standard Studio Pricing for training with our experienced Staff Instructors 

$60 per single session child or adult

Childrens private lesson package 


$500 for 10 /60 minute sessions if also enrolled in a full time childrens group class program ( must be paid in full in advance )


Children & Adults regular private lesson package pricing


$290 for 5 sessions plus 2 group class sessions for first time enrollment ( must be paid in full in advance ).


Children & Adults regular private lesson package pricing


$550 for 10 sessions plus 4 group class sessions for first time enrollment ( must be paid in full in advance ).


*** All private and group packages must be used at a minimum rate of one (1) 60 min session per week ***

Inquire with your instructor about availability, 
and packages.


> All lessons (groups and privates) are 60 minutes unless otherwise stated. This allows for time to schedule, confer, and allow the instructor to start each student on time.

> We observe a 24 hour cancellation policy or the lesson will be charged. Our staff and rent must be paid even if you do not come in. Please be considerate of our need to schedule time efficiently.
> Class schedule closings will follow the school district calendar of the area. 
> There are no make-ups after the package expires. Payments for monthly programs are due no later than the 10th of the month. There is a $20 late fee for late payments. When starting mid-cycle, classes will be pro-rated. Packages must be paid in full when purchased. If there are less than three people per adult group class, students will be charged for two classes as they are receiving a semi-private lesson. There are no refunds and no transfers. Adult programs must be used within 10 weeks or the classes will be forfeited.
New York Ballroom Dance reserves the right to change prices and / or package content at any time, without advanced notice.
> New York Ballroom Dance reserves the right to cancel, combine, or substitute group classes and / or instructors as required to maintain the standards required by our professional credentials and certifications. Prorated refunds for canceled group classes are at sole descretion of management.
> Prepaid adult or childrens group classes with only one person remaining are functioning as private lessons. Dance with Us reserves the right to convert remaining group sessions to equivilent private sessions. Example: 1 private class equals approximately 4 group classes.
Dress Code
The dress code for boys: Black pants, white T-shirt or any dance shirt, appropriate dance shoes, black socks.
The dress code for girls: Black leotards or white short skirts or appropriate dance wear, appropriate dance shoes, white socks, long hair in bun.
Appropriate clothing for stretching for boys: Any sport T-shirt, sport shorts or pants, clean white socks.
Appropriate clothing for stretching for girls: Any leotards, clean white socks, long hair in bun.
Dress code for Adults: The importance of appropriate dance shoe wear cannot be over-emphasized. Choose appropriate dance wear from above or ask instructor
Important notes regarding dress code:
> Proper dance shoes are critical and even more so for children. Dance is a physically challenging sport-like activity. Stress placed on the joints and muscles can be extensive. Proper dance shoes are designed to protect the body from injury as much as is possible. All students must wear appropriate and properly-fitting shoes in our classes.
> New NDCA regulations require specific dress codes for newcomer adult competition dancers and especially for all children. Please seek advice on correct attire before going to any competition at which you or your child are dancing. Failure to do this may result in your not being permitted to dance, and forfiture of fees (including the instructor's fees).


                              Gifts, Tips, Sponsorships, and Social Interactions


Dance Studios and the Dance Industry in general is and has always had elements of social interactions which occasionally can create undesired issues for both the Studio, Professional Dancers/Teachers, Coaches, Performers, and Students. With this in mind it is important to clarify our policy and reasons for it on these subjects.


Gifts and Tips


Ø  Gifts between one student and another are between those parties, however these should not be exchanged in the studio for any reason. It creates an environment where if the gift is unwanted or creates an unpleasant sentiment for the gift giver or the intended recipient the studio could become a unpleasant place for both. This is unfair to the students involved and to the teachers and the studio in general. Keep in mind that a Dance Studio is a business.

Ø  Gifts and Tips traditionally given to one's Teacher or Coach, or from a Teacher to a Student or other Teacher must never be of a personal nature. Birthday or Holiday Gifts or even a Gift intended as a Thank You for hard work and effort are best given in a generic form of cash/gift card/check in a generic Holiday, Birthday, or Thank You card, without fanfare. These gifts are certainly appreciated. Again it’s important to not create an uncomfortable environment for anyone involved and all too often the gift giver may mean something perfectly innocent and yet others may feel bad either because they cannot afford to give a gift, or they perceive favorites, or offense can be taken by a relation of the recipient. Teachers and Coaches must also be conscious of this.




Ø  Many who have been around Competitive Ballroom Dancing recognize the high costs to participants to pursue their goals. In some cases, generous individuals may wish to sponsor an individual or couple. This is greatly appreciated, however discretion is required. If anyone feels that they want to contribute in this way please do so without fanfare by contributing under the title of “sponsorship award for dancer (fill I the name) in Check, Cash, or Gift Card, either given to the studio to pass on or directly. Do not directly offer to buy costumes or other items. This may serve to make the individual feel that you have to approve of their choices.


Social Interactions


Ø  Invitations and solicitations to attend social events should not be made by Students to Teachers, Teachers to Students, Teachers to Coaches, Coaches to Teachers, Students or any combination thereof on studio premises or events attended under the studio name. This can create an unpleasant environment for any of those individuals and a tone of favoritism and exclusion. The ONLY exception to this rule is when everyone is being invited as a group and we are all going as a “team spirit” type of motivation.


                       Competition Expenses



Please note that the costs for dancing in a competition include the following and are in addition to the students actual competition entry fees, hotel, costumes, lessons, and any preparatory coaching the student pays for. Expenses incurred by students dancing in any pro/am competition include the costs for the professional partner's or teacher's participation. Competition expenses for professional teachers customarily include the following:

1) Teacher's time. Teachers are paid for their time directly. The time and cost of each teacher must include loss of studio time and fee for each dance.

2) Teacher's travel expenses are paid directly to the teacher before the competition takes place. These costs can vary greatly. Usually your professional teacher will help you organize your fees and try to bring several students when possible to share costs.

3) Teacher or student can send the application forms along with fees payable to the competition before the due date.

4) The student will reimburse the teacher for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the competition trip. These expenses can include: the teacher's airfare, train, and ground transportation; parking fees; car mileage; any other transportation costs. Several days of competition could include breakfast, lunch, dinner. Students are responsible for the teacher's admission to the ballroom as well. Expenses not included that are the teachers responsibility are alcohol, personal items, entertainment. Teachers will make every effort to keep expenses to a minimum and give the student a good faith estimate prior to the competition.

5) Fees payable to the competition must be paid in advance by the date due and arranged through your teacher or manager.

6) If the teacher has several students or competition commitments, etc., a pro rata share of expenses should be worked out between the parties involved that are using the teacher's services. This should be agreed upon in advance of the competition. Your teacher will organize this.