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Syllabus Lists for our Ballroom, Latin, Hustle Students

USISTD syllabus

USISTD Esther Don's American Style Smooth & Rhythm                 ISTD International Style Standard & Latin 

International Style Latin

Cha Cha Cha

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher

1. Basic Movements
2. New York
3. Spot Turns Left and Right
4. Shoulder to Shoulder
5. Hand to Hand
6. Three Cha Chas Forward and Backward
7. Side Steps
8. There and Back
9. Time Steps
Compact Chasse
Alternative Compact Chasse
Cuban Cross Chasse

10. Fan
11. Alemana
12. Hockey Stick
13. Natural Top
14. Natural Opening Out Movement
15. Closed Hip Twist

16. Open Hip Twist
17. Reverse Top
18. Opening Out from Reverse Top
19. Aida
20. Spiral Turns
21. Cross Basic
22. Cuban Breaks
23. Chase
Ronde Chasse
Twist Chasse
Slip Chasse

24. Advanced Hip Twist
25. Hip Twist Spiral
26. Turkish Towel
27. Sweetheart
28. Follow My Leader
29. Foot Changes
Lady's Runaway Chasse

The following figures may be used in a short amalgamation when using same foot as partner:
Closed Basic Movement (no turn); Ronde Chasse; Twist Chasse; Open Basic Movement; Spot or Switch Turns; Three Cha Chas Forward and Backward; Forward & Backward Runs;Time Steps (with or without Guapacha Timing); Cuban

Breaks; Split Cuban Breaks



Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Basic Movements
2. Cucarachas
3. New York
4. Spot Turns Left and Right
5. Shoulder to Shoulder
6. Hand to Hand
7. Progressive Walks Forward & Backward
8. Side Steps
9. Cuban Rocks

10. Fan
11. Alemana
12. Hockey Stick
13. Natural Top
14. Opening Out Right and Left
15. Natural Opening Out Movement
16. Closed Hip Twist

17. Open Hip Twist
18. Reverse Top
19. Opening Out From Reverse Top
20. Aida
21. Spiral Turns: Spiral; Curl; Rope Spinning

22. Sliding Doors
23. Fencing
24. Three Threes
25. Three Alemanas
26. Hip Twists

Paso Doble

Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Sur Place
2. Basic Movement
3. Chasse to Right and Left
4. Drag

5. Deplacement
6. Promenade Link
7. Promenade
8. Ecart
9. Separation
10. Separation with Lady's Caping Walks

11. Fallaway Ending to Separation
12. Huit
13. Sixteen
14. Promenade and Counter Promenade
15. Grand Circle
16. Open Telemark

17. La Passe
18. Banderillas
19. Twist Turn
20. Fallaway Reverse Turn
21. Coup de Pique
22. Left Foot Variation
23. Spanish Lines
24. Flamenco Taps

25. Syncopated Separation
26. Traveling Spins from Promenade Position
27. Traveling Spins from Counter Promenade Position
28. Fregolina (Farol)
29. the Twists
30. Chasse Cape, all endings


Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Basic Movement
2. Whisks
3. Samba Walks
4. Rhythm Bounce
5. Volta Movements (Traveling & Spot)
6. Traveling Bota Fogos Forward
7. Criss Cross Bota Fogos (Shadow Bota Fogos)

8. Traveling Bota Fogos Back
9. Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade

10. Criss Cross Voltas
11. Solo Spot Volta
12. Foot Changes
13. Shadow Traveling Volta
14. Reverse Turn
15. Corta Jaca
16. Closed Rocks

Circular Volta
17. Open Rocks
18. Back Rocks
19. Plait
20. Rolling off the Arm
21. Argentine Crosses
22. Maypole
23. Shadow Circular Volta

24. Contra Bota Fogos
25. Roundabout
26. Natural Roll
27. Reverse Roll
28. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
29. Three Step Turn
30. Samba Locks
31. Cruzados Walks and Locks


Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Basic in Place
2. Fallaway Rock
3. Fallaway Throwaway
4. The Link: Flick, Ball Change or Hesitation Ball Change
5. Change of Places Right to Left
6. Change of Places Left to Right
7. Change of Hands Behind the Back
8. Hip Bump (Left Shoulder Shove)

9. American Spin
10. The Walks
11. Stop and Go
12. Mooch
13. Whip

14. Whip Throwaway

15. Reverse Whip
16. Windmill
17. Spanish Arms
18. Rolling Off the Arm
19. Simple Spin
20. Miami Special
Overturned Fallaway Throwaway

21. Curly Whip
22. Shoulder Spin
23. Toe Heel Swivels
24. Chugging
25. Chicken Walks
26. Catapult
27. Stalking Walks, Flicks into Break
Overturned Change of Places Left to Right

International Style Standard

Waltz 28-31 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Closed Changes
2. Natural Turn
3. Reverse Turn
4. Natural Spin Turn
5. Whisk
6. Chasse from Promenade Position

7. Closed Impetus
8. Hesitation Change
9. Outside Change
10. Reverse Corte
11. Back Whisk
12. Basic Weave
13. Double Reverse Spin
14. Reverse Pivot
15. Back Lock
16. Progressive Chasse to Right

17. Weave from Promenade Position
18. Closed Telemark
19. Open Telemark & Cross Hesitation
20. Open Telemark & Wing
21. Open Impetus & Cross Hesitation
22. Open Impetus & Wing
23. Outside Spin
24. Turning Lock
Drag Hesitation*

25. Left Whisk
26. Contra Check
27. Closed Wing
28. Turning Lock to Right
29. Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot
30. Hover Corte
Fallaway Whisk*

Tango 30-32

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. LF or RF Walk
2. Progressive Side Step
3. Progressive Link
4. Closed Promenade
5. Rock Turn
6. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside
7. Back Corte

8. Open Reverse Turn, Lady in Line
9. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn
10. Open Promenade
11. Left Foot and Right Foot Rocks
12. Natural Twist Turn
13. Natural Promenade Turn

14. Promenade Link | Reverse Promenade Link
15. Four Step
16. Back Open Promenade
17. Outside Swivel, Methods 1 - 4
18. Fallaway Promenade
19. Four Step Change
20. Brush Tap

21. Fallaway Four Step
22. Oversway
23. Basic Reverse Turn
24. The Chase
25. Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot
26. Five Step
27. Contra Check

Foxtrot 28-30 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Feather
2. Three Step
3. Natural Turn
4. Reverse Turn
5. Closed Impetus & Feather Finish


6. Natural Weave
7. Change of Direction
8. Basic Weave

9. Closed Telemark
10. Open Telemark & Feather Ending
11. Top Spin
12. Hover Feather
13. Hover Telemark
14. Natural Telemark
15. Hover Cross
16. Open Telemark, Natural Turn, Outside Swivel & Feather End
17. Open Impetus
18. Weave from Promenade Position
19. Reverse Wave

20. Natural Twist Turn
21. Curved Feather to Back Feather
22. Natural Zig-Zag from Promenade Position
23. Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot
24. Natural Hover Telemark
25. Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending

Quickstep 48-52 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Quarter Turn to R
2. Natural Turn
3. Natural Turn with Hesitation
4. Natural Pivot Turn
5. Natural Spin Turn
6. Progressive Chasse
7. Chasse Reverse Turn
8. Forward Lock
Heel Pivot*

9. Closed Impetus
10. Back Lock
11. Reverse Pivot
12. Progressive Chasse to Right
13. Tipple Chasse to Right
14. Running Finish
15. Natural Turn & Back Lock
16. Double Reverse Spin

Zig-Zag Back Lock, Running Finish*
Cross Chasse*
Change of Direction*

Checked / Underturned Tipple Chasse
17. Quick Open Reverse
18. Fishtail
19. Running Right Turn
20. Four Quick Run
21. V6
22. Closed Telemark

23. Cross Swivel
24. Six Quick Run
25. Rumba Cross
26. Tipsy to Right and Left
27. Hover Corte

Viennese Waltz 52-58

1. Reverse Turn
2. Natural Turn
3. Forward Change
4. Backward Change

5. Reverse Fleckerl

6. Natural Fleckerl
7. Contra Check

*These figures (page 128, The Ballroom Technique July 1994) may also be danced in Medal Tests, closed syllabus competitions and in practical demonstrations for professional examinations.

American Rhythm

Rumba 28-32 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Box
2. Right Underarm Turn
3. Side Breaks
4. Progressive Rocks
5. Fifth Position Breaks

6. Cross Body Lead
7. Cross Body Lead to Cuban Walks Back
8. Cross Body Lead to Outside Breaks
9. Open Break with Underarm Turn Right to Cross Over Breaks
10. Forward and Back Spot Turns

1. Open Box
2. Snap Cross
3. Quick Underarm Turns Right and Left
4. Sliding Doors Variation
5. Quick Underarm Turn to Wraparound
6. Grapevine to Spiral
7. Sit Checks to Left and Right
8. Grapevine to Left Underarm Turn to Solo Spin
9. Rope Spinning to Left Underarm Turn
10. Curl to Shadow Foot Swivels to Same Foot Lunge

Cha Cha Cha 28-32 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Cha Cha Basic
2. Forward and Back Basic
3. Cross Over Breaks and Switch Turn
4. Right Underarm Turn
5. Right Left Right underarm Turns
6. Three Cha Chas Forward and Back

7. Cross Body Lead
8. Outside Breaks
9. Cross Over Side Steps, Back and Forward Runs
10. Left Side Pass

1. Cross Over Breaks with Apart Turns
2. Grapevine to Fencing
3. Syncopated Cross Over Breaks into Knee Lift with Right U/A
4. Underarm Chase to Side Pass
5. Opening Out to Side Checks
6. Three Chas with Solo Turns
7. Foot Change from LF Cross Over Breaks ending in Right Side by Side
7A. Foot Change from Right Side by Side ending in Closed or Open Facing
8. Foot Change from RF Cross Over Breaks ending in Left Side by Side
8A. Foot Change from Left Side by Side ending in Closed or Open Facing
9. Left and Right Underarm Turns to Passing Changes
10. Side by Side Variation

Mambo 48-51 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1a. Mambo Basic
1b. Progressive Basic
2a. Forward and Backward Breaks
2b. Side Breaks
3. Cross Body Lead
4. Right Underarm Turn
5. Fifth Position Breaks

6. Cross Body Lead Right Side Pass
7. Cross Over Breaks and Switch Turn
8. Chase Turns
9. Right Underarm Turn to Advanced Hip Twist
10. Shadow Breaks to Lady's Spiral

1. Turning Side Breaks
2. Mambo Wraps
3. Opening Out to Side Checks
4. Outside Check and Swivel
5. Catapult
6. Open Left Turn in Shadow
7. Foot Change from Open Facing to Right Shadow
7A. Foot Change from Right Shadow to Open Facing
8. Advance Sliding Doors
9. Back Drop
10. Kick and Swivel

East Coast Swing 34-36 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Swing Basic
2. Throwaway
3. Underarm Turns Right and Left
4. Sweetheart
5. American Spin

6. Four Kicks
7. Peek-a-Boo
8. Lindy Whip
9a. Lindy Whip with Right Underarm Turn
9b. Lindy Whip with Left Underarm Turn
9c. Lindy Whip with Hand Change Turn
10. Back Pass

1. Sailor Shuffles
2. Chicken Walks
3. Crossover Back to Back
4. Catapult
5. Promenade Walks
6. Double Underarm Turn to Open Tuck-in
7. Toe Heel Swivels
8. Sweetheart with Double Underarm Turn
9. Passing Triples
10. Boogie Walks in Right Shadow

Bolero 24-26 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Bolero Basic
2. Cross Body Lead
3. Open Break
4. Right Underarm Turn
5. Fifth Position Breaks
6. Outside Breaks

7. Cross Over Break and Switch Turn
8. Left Side Pass
9. Right Side Pass
10. Back Spot Turn

1. Passing Changes
2. Shadow Wraps
3. Left Side Pass with Lady's Underarm Turn to Left
4. Outside Break to Aida
5. Crossover Break to Aida (option to figure 4)
6. Traveling Cross to Switch Turn
7. Lunge to Lady's Free Turn to Right
8. Right Side Pass, Back Spot Turn to Rudolph Ronde
9. Back Spot Turn, Underarm Turns to Left and Right
10. Eros Line in Shadow Position to Double Contra Check

American Smooth

Foxtrot 30-34 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Forward Basic
2. Quarter Turns A&B
3. Left Rock Turn
4. Swing Step
5. Promenade Walk A&B
6. Cross Body Lead

7. Simple Twinkle
8. Twinkle with Promenade Chasse Ending
9. Twinkles Forward
10. Twinkles Back
11. Promenade Turn

Recognized Variations
1. Left and Right Foot Closed Changes
2. Left Turn A, B, and C
3. Right Turn A, B, and C
4. Twist to Left from Promenade Position

1. Open Simple Twinkle
2. Open Twinkle with Promenade Chasse
3. Open Twinkles Forward
4. Open Twinkles Back
5. Open Left Turn
6. Open Right Turn
7. Grapevine
8. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
9. Curved Three Steps
10. Fallaway Reverse Turn, Slip Pivot,
Syncopated Curved Three
11. Open Left Cross Turn to Cross Swivels

Waltz 28-32 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Left and Right Foot Closed Changes
2. Left Turn A, B, and C
3. Right Turn A, B, and C
4. Hesitation A and B
5. Cross Body Lead

6. Simple Twinkle
7. Twinkle with Promenade Chasse Ending
8. Twinkles Forward
9. Twinkles Back
10. Twist to Left from Promenade Position

Recognized Variations
1. Box with Right Underarm Turn
2. Promenade with Right Underarm Turn

1. Open Simple Twinkle
2. Open Twinkle with Promenade Chasse
3. Open Twinkles Forward
4. Open Twinkles Back
5. Open Left Turn
6. Open Right Turn
7. Single Wrap
8. Shadow Left Turn
9. Single Wrap to Shadow Right Turns
10. Syncopated Right Underarm Turn

Recognized Variations
1. Grapevine
2. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
3. Curved Three Steps
4. Fallaway Reverse Turn, Slip Pivot,
Syncopated Curved Three
5. Open Left Turn to Cross Swivels

Tango 28-30 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Basic A and B
2. Promenade Basic
3. Corte
4. Promenade to Fan
5. Corte with Roll Out
6. Turning Corte to Outside Swivel

7. Continuous Basic
8. Basic Left Turn
9. Contra Rock to Circular Fans
10. Oversway

1. Open Left Turn to Quick Fans
2. Same Foot Fans
3. Double Ronde
4. Shadow Open Left Turn
5. Pivots to Open Same Foot Lunge
6. Corte to Leg Hooks
7. Promenade Flicks and Twist to Trap
8. Rock Turn to Turning Lock
9. Fallaway to Open Check

Viennese Waltz 50-54 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Left Turn
2. Right Turn
3. Hesitation Forward and Back
4. Side Hesitation
5. Progressive Forward and Back Hesitation

6. Fifth Position Breaks
7. Progressive Fifth Position Breaks
8. Cross Body Lead to Left Underarm Turn
9. Underarm Turn to the Right
10. Left Underarm Turn to In and Out Hesitation

1. Progressive Fifth Position with Hand Change
2. Left Turns with Lady's Underarm Turns
3. Canter Turns
4. Back to Back Box
5. Promenade Hesitation Run
6. Turning Hesitation to Back Lock
7. Shadow Turns to Right
8. Fan Kicks
9. Ronde to Throwaway
10.Underarm Spin to Throwaway

Peabody 60-62 mpm

1. Eight Count Right Turn
2. Six Count Right Turn
3. Eight Count Left Turn
4. Six Count Left Turn
5. Running Steps
6. Lock and Run
7. Twinkles Forward
8. Twinkles Back
9. Right Underarm Turn
10. Left Underarm Turn

1. Double Lock
2. Offset Grapevine
3. Promenade Grapevine
4. Fallaway Grapevine
5. Continuous Forward Locks
6. Left Rock Spin
7. Right Pivots
8. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
9. Grapevine to Side By Side

Hustle (Disco)

Bronze Level:

A. Back Break
B. Side Break
C. Forward Break

1. Hesitation
2. The Wheel
3. Underarm Turn Combination (You Go, I Go, You Go)
4. Leader's Behind the Back Pass and Follower's Bridge
5A. Cross-Body Lead
5B. Cross-Body Lead with Open Break to Return
6. Return to Face Loop
7. Double Hand Hold Bridges 

8. The Whip
9A. Cradle with Continuous Left
9B. Cradle In and Out
10. Back Spot Turn
11. Grapevine
12. Sliding Doors
13. Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn
14A. Shadow with Comb
14B. Shadow with Free Spin
15. New York Walk

Silver Level:

A. Followers Syncopated Back Break
B. Followers Syncopated Side Break
C. Leaders Back Cross Basic
D. Progressive Side Break
E. Progressive Back Break

1. Shadow to Comb with Left Turn Exit
2A. Progressive Shadow
2B. Continuous Shadow
3. Traveling Shadow
4A. NY Walk with Styling Visual
4B. NY Walk with Styling Leaders Left Turn
5A. Las Vegas Basic Timing
5B. Las Vegas Syncopated Timing

6A. Change of Sides to Wrap
6B. In and Out Wrap
6C. Behind the Back Wrap
6D. Wrap with Leader?s Turn
7A. Left Arm Hammerlock
7B. Right Arm Hammerlock
8. Leaders Behind the Back Pass Full Turn
9A. Double Outside Turn
9B. Lollipop Turn
10. Illusion Turns (Touch and Go)

11A. 4 Count Turn Free Spin
11B. 4 Count Turn - Back Roll
12. T-Turn
13. Basic Swivel
14. 8 Count Diva Walks
15. Slide of Hands


New York Salsa

LA STYLE- Man starts Left foot forward "On 1" for forward break
NEW YORK STYLE/MODERN 2 - Man starts on Left foot back on 1, with back break with Right foot "On 2"

Bronze Level: 

Forward & Back Basic
Back Breaks
Side Breaks
Cross Body Lead

Basic Right Turn
Basic Left Turn
Broken Left Turn
½ Broken Left Turn
Ladies Pivot Turn
Man's Hook Turn

1) Underarm Turns Right
a. Basic with Ladies Right Turn
b. Basic with Man's Right Turn
I. Over Head
II. Hand Change Behind the Back
III. Off the Shoulder

2) Underarm Turns
a. Basic with Ladies Broken Left
b. Basic with Man's Broken Left
I. Over Head
II. Hand Change Behind the Back
III. Off the Shoulder
IV. With Styling (Free spin with Snake)


3) Underarm Turns Left
a. Back Breaks with Ladies Left Turn
b. Back Breaks with Man's Left Turn

4) Cross Body Lead
a. In Closed Position
b. Two Hand Hold
c. In Handshake Hold
d. Waist Hold

5) Cross Body Lead with Ladies Inside Turn
a. Normal Hold
b. Shoulder Lead
c. Waist Hold

6) Catch the Back or Two Way Underarm
a. Normal with Right or Left Turn Ending
b. With Arm Styling

7) Back Spot Turn
a. 1 Measure
b. Open & Closed
c. Ending with Check and Cross Body Lead

8) Cross Body Lead - Open Break to Shoulder Turn
9) She Goes-He Goes-She Goes
10) Back Pass
11) The Spiral
12) Back Roll
13) Drop Hand Catch
14) Ladies Left to Man's Right Turn
15) Social Step

Silver Level:

1) Overturned Cross Body Lead
2) The Cross Body Lead Waltz
3) Cross Body Lead with Options
a. Man Turning Right
b. Man Turning Left
c. Lady Turning Right with Arm Styling
4) Copa or In and Out
a. Single & Double Turn
b. Handshake Hold & Two Hand Hold
5) Cross Body Lead to Double Right Turn
6) Cross Body Lead to Touch and Go
7) Cross Body Lead to Inside Double Turn
8) Titanic or Crucifix
9) Back to Back Turn
10) The Ballerina
11) Behind the Back Turn
12) Catch the Back Variation
13) Special Social Step
14) Cross Body Adventure
15) Cross Body Great Adventure

Gold Level:

1) Copa with Man's Hammerlock
2) Copa Back to Back
3) Copa to Belly Wrap
4) The Wrap with Zig Zag
5) Copa to Double Hammerlock
6) Triple Turn
7) The Quad Turn
8) Back Spot with Back Roll
9A) Cross Body Lead with Reverse to Ladies Hammerlock
9B) Cross Body Lead to Ladies Triple Turn Hammerlock
10) Hand Flick